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    CurlyShine™ Styling Hair Dryer

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    CurlyShine™ Styling Hair Dryer

    Style your hair in the comfort of your home!

    The hairdryer brush contains 5 replaceable brush head attachments, which can easily dry, straighten, curl, and volumize. 

    The hairdryer brush with ceramic coating technology can provide a constant temperature, and evenly heat each hair through the evenly distributed heat dissipation holes, thereby reducing damage.

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     This unique and innovative device can do it all: shape and dry at the same time, saving you a lot of time.

     Plus, creating curls, waves or straight hair is a breeze. The click and play system is easy for everyone to use and you can use it to create endless different hairstyles!

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    Automatic Constant Temperature
    Reduce Any Hair Damage

    The hair dryer volumizer takes up 1000W and offers 3 temperature controls to give you more choices when styling hair

    Heat Settings ensure long-lasting, professional resultsMore importantly, this hair dryer can measure and adjust the temperature more accurately, and automatically keep the set temperature stable.

    This constant temperature didn't hurt the hair when drying the hair.


     ✓ Perfect temperature - With its unique patented technology, the 5in1 -Styling Hair Dryer ™ does not damage your hair and always gives you the right temperature.

    ✓ The 5 in 1 Solution - With all accessories included, your hair routine will instantly become much easier and faster. You have now combined everything in one device.
    ✓ Hair dryer volumizer - Powerful volumizer provides the best experience for perfect drying, styling and curling. The flow of hot air is directed evenly by this powerful motor and thus guarantees an optimal hair care experience.

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    The 5in1 - Styling Hair Dryer ™ is extremely versatile and therefore a must for your hair. Combine 5 possible applications in one device:

     Smooth ✅ Curls ✅ Waves ✅ Dry ✅ Brush

      What does the Styling Hair Dryer™ include?

      1️⃣ 2m power cable

      2️⃣ 5in1 - Styling Hair Dryer™

      3️⃣ 30 and 40 mm curling accessory

      4️⃣ Soft brush attachment and hard brush attachment

      5️⃣ Hairdryer

      6️⃣ Round volume brush


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